Handy Start Menu

Handy Start Menu 1.98

It allows you to find and launch programs in a fast and easy manner

Handy Start Menu is an alternative way of showing the contents of Windows Start Menu. This software can group Start-Menu applications according to their purpose, thus shortening the long list of programs that usually appears when you click on the All Programs menu and reducing the time it takes you to find the desired program.
This program’s interface makes it really easy to use. The first time you run the application, it will ask you whether you want to use this alternative menu or keep the standard Windows Start Menu. Although the program can identify and group most applications according to their type, you can also customize the items and the categories by creating new groups or categorizing unclassified programs. This can be easily done through the menu settings by simply selecting an item on the left panel and assigning it to one of the categories on the right. Another way to do this is by dragging the elements right from the Start Menu and placing them in the desired group. The appearance of the menu can also be personalized by selecting a scale and setting the program to display the number of items in each category.
Let me warn you that at first you will perhaps feel a little disoriented with this type of menu. However, you will probably start to like it very soon. And in case you do not, you should not worry because this program does not actually change your old Start Menu and you can always get back to it at any time. Unfortunately, the program interface and the categories it creates are available only in English and Russian.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It is free
  • It does not modify your standard Windows Start Menu


  • It is available only in English and Russian
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