Handy Start Menu

Handy Start Menu 1.05

Handy Start Menu is a system add-on for the Start menu

Handy Start Menu is a system add-on for the Start menu. It allows you to create categories for all the items of your Start menu and to replace the "All programs" pop-up menu with a different one that seems to do a better job of displaying elements. By default, the application creates 7 categories: Office, Utilities, Internet, Music and Video, Miscellaneous, and Without Category. The number of apps in each category is displayed between brackets.

At first, I didn't like that my "All programs" menu was replaced, and I couldn't get to like that little menu that is shown when you move your mouse over "All programs", but after a while I stopped noticing the change and I did like that all my apps were grouped in categories. Handy Start Menu did a good job of placing each app in a category as well. You can of course move apps around the categories but you can't create the new ones. This is all done via the system tray icon, which opens a new window called Category Manager. From the notification area, you can also temporarily go back to the standard "All programs" by disabling this tool.

All in all, this app does a good job of saving space in your Start menu. It can be uninstalled quite easily and it doesn't slow down the system at all.

José Fernández
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  • It looks OK
  • It does a good job of grouping apps for you


  • No easy way to sort items alphabetically within categories
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